Saturday, March 8, 2014

iz it here ... izit thar ... ho tiz hot air

Bah meister barmbrackt
tich sticks his end in
thoo pontificates frum on hi
calls yersen seeker o trooth
better don wings
u haz far to go
wid yer airy haspirayshuns
wharz dis elevated plan u sites
belike pole-sitter
beggin scraps o numinus mannah
let fall frum upper firmament
absolomon verity
yer wurds git longer less eligibull
fer unnerstanding more youse prates
till u flies off hintoxicated
dasnt u stan huprite on urthz gravitas
bag o intestinal niftytude
trooth darn here must enjoy qualifier
or it stanz alone
similar to maiden aunt last o tribe
gotta hab relations
watch tich see me barry
makes no sense stannin forlorn
here goes
i pick up handles o ditto
an push den off i trots
now tis has meanin
tip o me cap yer honner
thanx fer pleasant natter

big i am per pro tich* wid haid ache
mar mmxiv

*Tich Backhouse hiz sayso

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