Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XV

eremymad sez
    examine rough side f tongue
        loud-mouthing revolutions
            lasting as barleycorn brew fealty oath
    examine fine sadness
        when exhausted battalions died in van
            yr freebooter economix taint
            carried over into war
    examine exhumed etceteras
        don't need religious mirror fr hindsight
        look inside own eyes
            cleansing limbic foreshore
        exercising remedial franchise

    brainless conscienceless commensal would rule us
        virtue meanly becomes because
        spoilsport playing second fiddle
            reckons to oust first
        limning z detraction
        articulation z fits n start r petit mal

    tadz revally

        sing nonsuch song
    sully me none
    aint reciprocal

    portrait z not sitter
        diabolic tease n pucker lips aint master
    tad climbs out of consanguineous bed
        waking up topsywise turvy
    pinches self
    finds originall aint reciprocal

        sully me none
    sing nonsuch song
        originall aint reciprocal
    . . . wake up call!

tadz revalleyation
        we iz uz n we aint uz
    we z premissory notes
        thrown at in-f'r-penny infer-pound arena
    we z oracular crystal balls
        divided over divinin what iz n what ought to be
    we z shrove tuesday tops
        whipped into whizkid dizzyin transports
    we z cinctured catherine wheels
        explodin in demonstrative splendour
            over grand almighty firmament

    pledge yr carnivalleytory oath
        may alley weal rule y
        yeah    may alley-wise-we-all rule y

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