Friday, August 31, 2007

Who turned off the sun?

ho turned off the sun
and fixed it on those mountains?
If I am crazy
why any mountains
why my beloved sun
why darker clouds
and persistent unruly winds?
suspicions rule my brain
and you laugh it off i know
cleverly defending your ego
but i?    suspicions remain
why any sun
why any sky
why do clouds fly
and no rain fall?
peripheral light and shadow
lie between
humanity and insanity
and the pain of the crossing touches my cerebellum
eyballs switched back to front
cutting off the sun
and the clouds
they bring no rain
with their cold penumbra
only doubts    suspicions    remorse
running wild
while people twirl parasols on mountain-tops
today I am a fearful child


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Topsy-turvy sweetheart blues

Topsy-turvy sweetheart blues

Topsy-turvy sweetheart
    woman who ain' true
won' pay y' no min'
whoso livin' hoopla romance
gets lef' behin'

    so don' pay y' no min' woman
who ain' true
topsy-turvy sweetheart
bubble that blew
won' pay y' no min'
trick's turn back on you

    topsy-turvy sweetheart
swear worse'll happen
clean gotta go through
stop posturin' woman
i won' woo

    i'm battered woman
battered bleak n' blue
no more bad news
seen y' clear through
don' pay y' no min'
turnin m' back on you


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pus is pus

us is pus
    and rot is rot
lower than life
    not worth the fuss
no sooner noticed
    than dismissed
those foul accmpaniments
    of gross disease
whose ethic from paradox construe
    to conserve by getting rid of
where death protects this onerous virtue: life
    an imperative by conflict hidden


Monday, August 27, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XVI (final)

errymemad sniffs phooey
    you z growed up topsywise turvey
        accept yr white-liveried n black moodz
            oh my-giddy-aunt fatalism
        accept yr tergiversatin n faint heartz
    yer breakin wind aint inspiration
        nor sweat on brow dew frum heaven

    piss alley rules y
    piss alley rules y
    piss alley rules y

    tad z taken shepherdz crook n bosunz starter
            fer granted
        aint that how yr state-f-art animal adapts
        aint that exactly where pragmatrix leads yr
        aint that tackin thru divers crowds f premisses
        aint that yr puretest enigma n variations
        aint that yr cock-n-bullier circumstances
            red rag-written-off by-n-large

    oh yeah    oh yeah    oh yeah

alley wit-in-residencez sees-n-saws
    wealth z
        coin f realmz half-arsed swollen model
            as fart is to shit
    wealth z
        bottle corked r pig bled
        after shit z forked n spread
        seed spilled nursed n fed

alley loo yeah chorus cries
    oh yeah    oh yeah    oh yeah

filosofusser will go a-musing:
    what fool will bravely naively disinfer
        originall bitterend
    where peacez stagnant regime
        warps across warz mayhembez regimen
    could be clockwise crack f cockalarum doom
        importunate knock on too-little-too-late door
    unimportant as lubricious peccadillo
        that lays to rest nightfall head on pillow

    lolloping waves
    tossed heads f trees
    tip-toeing clouds
        upsy-daisy downsy-daisy
            banality f words
        aint no revolution

    what suffices comes back to haunt y
    being lonely-onliest iz price paid
            be merry
                be wise
    return c.o.d.
    unless product satisfies

tadz soleloquy
    no sir    no sirrah        no sirree
        to be aint not-to-be
    even secondhand look
        on timez face
            can see
        more lies in wait
            than hourglass sand run out
    life z handheld candle
        meant to burn steadfastly
            till snuffed when infirm
        like fellow-de-se sun
            sheddin brightness on disarray
                to make sense of
                    day in    day out
            expirin when dayz work done

    cry amenity    cry alley-buddha-loud-yeah
    cry amen fr humanity

utter last by tad
    got mentors n tormentors
    taken hints n kicks
    licked sugared ifs n salty buts
    heard calliope round f blasphemies n tut-tuts
    goin out where i came in

    joy z efficacious
        dated anterior to dis-ease
            which sends contentment
                to its knees

    truthz bein antinomial
        doesn't matter
        like odd pairs of socks
            found in wash with fluffed curses
                that beg or borrow hysteria

    yeah        listen to tad    be aware
    bottom line by default z diaperin n spankin buttocks

blind alley filosofusserz paradiddle:
    serves no humane purpose
    this bein led up garden path
        or down
    by revolutions
        turns of juggernaut wheel
    to which we are hung
        as if buckets to scoop
            and fill with earthz richness
                pockets f plenty-plunderers
    mountebanks that exploit
        our weal and woe
            writin finis over our shed bodies
                in name of advantage
    oh whose
        no    not ours     nay
    cry out to toiling-wheel-year-by-yearz-turning    whoa
    cry woe to wheel

poetasterisk bids envoi

    cry qui vive
        looksee peoplehole
            knock on portal
                where revealed other eye     or i
                self beyond self
        terra incognita
            "here be strange misshapen beasts"
        ill-omened to deter seers n pilgrims
            from discovering wonders greater than allegory
        land with no tongue to praise

    take carnal oath
        cross boon-companion heart
        void phlegm
            cleansing fistula where sooth runneth
        question maudlin liver n sepulchrous spleen
            let intimate organs run together compliantly
                like sojourney moon and journeyman sun

    we be all seeded properties
        accommodated over noble celestial endowment
            to fare in singular animation
    aware and not aware according to lore
        in whose backyard we cant put ultimate shape to
        nor entertain in courtesy resident mage
            if such there be
            except to dream upon

    aint that yr daffy-down-dilly finderz-keepers
        gone to flinders upset revelation
    bless yr joie de vivre liver
    bless yr leapfrog kissin heart
        may that fire up engrams in yr corpus callusom
            till y forget who you are n find out what y iz

alley weal rule y
        alley weal rule y
            alley weal rule y
                oh yeah alley-wise weal rule y

The End.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Garrowby Hill

n Garrowby Hill
    where we push the bus
the passengers fuss
    the driver sez dammit
the bus it fumes
    till we reach the summit
where down it zooms
    whining shrill
on Garrowby Hill


(Note by amanuensis: Laurie says this poem was inspired by an experience on Garrowby Hill, E. Yorkshire, UK, one New Year's Eve in the late 1940s.

The hill is famous for it's precipitous slope. See a view from the top, here.

A painting by David Hockney, Garrowby Hill, exhibited in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts: see larger image at

Friday, August 24, 2007

Busy the moon is

usy the moon is
    fair to see
busy to play
    hide-and-go-seek with
at night among the clouds

even in my dreams
    my fairest dreams
replete with felicity
    i have not seen fairer

ah, that i could capture
    capture and kiss
those maiden-proud lips

but lo! presently
    she shape-shifts
into a haggard old man, listless:
    why, oh why?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh, to hell with thee, bright morning

h, to hell with thee, bright morning
who with thy one good eye
startles my coiled senses
into dazed antipathy

go spin thy sticky spider’s web
to catch the flies and dew
surprise the bloodless lily
who may see her petals droop
or send the morning glory up
a fence to reach the top

thou order’st
they can’t resist
the mad engendering
but i possess the state they miss
and spurn thine urgent ambience

so toil away with cocksure vim
but withdraw the importunate summons
thy mandate sooner i’d ignore
than break my snoring sacrament
for i was old when thou wert born
summary impertinent may dawn


Wearied feeling low

earied    feeling low
    sitting just so
silence wise
    senses reach through dimensions
inhabiting head
    felt to quick
softly    softly    resolution
    other    out there    let go
sun bright on balcony curtains
    furnishings settle with differences
even traffic noise receding
    simultaneous coincident calmness
presences lose solidity
    talk    justifying talk can frame
unanswerable:    who how what where when why
    let float like motes in sun's bright wands
searching shadows
    needing no perusal
for again that unimpeachable moment of clarity


Friday, August 17, 2007

In the garden

n the garden
of my mind
bees buzz
distracting my attention
from the flowers


Thursday, August 16, 2007

in situ

o this world we must turn
from mighty to mite
through flesh and mineral and composite
to how we comply
tis answer fit
in tasks we bend
with work we play
no passing show
in rhythmic dance our motions flow
from toddling strut to shuffling gait
out of earth we came
to earth we go
our questing place
both to and fro


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some tales are dark

some tales are dark
some bright
i like a little light
to spark
the blackness
just a moment's glare
a cigarette that's lit
and puffed away
as each sun wends
into yesterday
my story goes
to ends
that fit
so does the rose


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XV

eremymad sez
    examine rough side f tongue
        loud-mouthing revolutions
            lasting as barleycorn brew fealty oath
    examine fine sadness
        when exhausted battalions died in van
            yr freebooter economix taint
            carried over into war
    examine exhumed etceteras
        don't need religious mirror fr hindsight
        look inside own eyes
            cleansing limbic foreshore
        exercising remedial franchise

    brainless conscienceless commensal would rule us
        virtue meanly becomes because
        spoilsport playing second fiddle
            reckons to oust first
        limning z detraction
        articulation z fits n start r petit mal

    tadz revally

        sing nonsuch song
    sully me none
    aint reciprocal

    portrait z not sitter
        diabolic tease n pucker lips aint master
    tad climbs out of consanguineous bed
        waking up topsywise turvy
    pinches self
    finds originall aint reciprocal

        sully me none
    sing nonsuch song
        originall aint reciprocal
    . . . wake up call!

tadz revalleyation
        we iz uz n we aint uz
    we z premissory notes
        thrown at in-f'r-penny infer-pound arena
    we z oracular crystal balls
        divided over divinin what iz n what ought to be
    we z shrove tuesday tops
        whipped into whizkid dizzyin transports
    we z cinctured catherine wheels
        explodin in demonstrative splendour
            over grand almighty firmament

    pledge yr carnivalleytory oath
        may alley weal rule y
        yeah    may alley-wise-we-all rule y

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I think incessantly

“I think incessantly of those who were truly great
who left the vivid air signed with their honour”

stephen spender

I think incessantly of those who were truly great
    who left the vivid wind signed with their honour
because i am disconsolate about my life’s mean history
i want to torture strength    ascend    invade the brave air
    slay dragons    fight wild beasts with my hands
    defend the world from disdainful censure
instead i sink in the gutter of my need
    and leave the unrecognizing stare empty of my gesture

i think continually of how i’d rather walk with those
    astride like a colossus    where little men peep between my knees
though i sense conceit in my human estimate
    the truly great become a mockery when i measure stars
    which shine beyond their death saying nothing bitterly
brilliantly signing the midnight air with their blue humour
    and the bare rounds of earth’s orbit memorably assign
the beating rhythm of the opposing seasons
    citing no authorities or poets intent on cerebral ritual
or teachers of good rollicking reasons we brainlessly    perpetuate

i wear my honour like a cape of washed-out colour
    rain and snow lower my brow and the frost steams from my breath
uphill work this desire to survive beyond life
    descending to death without tragedy or comedy to humour my posterity
and i thank continually those who wrote across the atmosphere
    with trails of glory in their honour
curving across the deep wide blue of who i am with visions
    of what i might be    an awesome prospect if i could forget
the might-be as a should that draws a shadow over the effusive sun

i wear my honour like a mantle of cloud cover
    thinking continually of who am i this day immeasurably greater
for the beating bounty of my frosted breath
vividly writing the bare round rhythm of this winter season
                        with my white signature


Compelling tidal rhythms

ompelling tidal rhythms
    enthrall our corporeal selves
demand pertinent attention:
    pulsing waves awash
heart's drumbeat in earthmother's womb
    like cathedral choirs
voices raised    and falling
    organic accompaniment
periodic cascades of seafoam
    that caress and embrace with force
recipient shores
    transition from what goes before
into what comes after
    flex and reflex
progressively alternate
    impromptu most consummate
this everlasting now