Wednesday, November 19, 2014

i cud swear

tich backhouse hiz thorts

i cud swear

jest caint 'member wot peoplez call 'm such
    on tip o' me
damn    beyond gettin at
    aint seen heerd
outta touch lately
    don' blame me cos ize senile
muss be summat don' matter much    'cept
    sunpun cute 'n cuddly-like
naw thin 'n scraggly like unto skinflintz beard
    neider wun close t'
un-comp-promisin big wurd serry-ee-bral
    'normous round zero wid halo
yus    like oh forever
    no buts more importink
most importink
    gosh    oughta luke this up
on everwunz tongue seems like
    seems like luminates wotz sed
'n dont    soz    i lose track

oh sorry nurse    beggin yr pardin
    jest thunkin out loud
talkin to missen    silly ord duffer   yus
   'bout wotz ober me haid
summat t' do wid rite 'n wrung
    i wert clebber wuncet
seems capital letters allus were wot i tuke me hat orf t'
    not outta respeck cos twere axpected
same az    don' go    i'd nearly got it    s'trooth
    thatz it     wurd   i fergit
supper up yit?

 dec mmx

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