Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grinds y down

it grinds y down
    i tells yer
it grinds y down
    wearworn careworn
    beaten battered
b day by day
it grinds y sum
it grinds agin
    wot kin i do
    wot i ask kin i do
sore an mizerabble
haid an joints perticklar
o haid suffers
    well    u know u know
wut goez on inside
    and t stretch
    breathe deep
    is luxury fair
u know
ifn yer course crosses
wid hex
b day by day
soonz yer hup
so soonz yer down
    not funny
taint alike clownz anticks
tiz shape of fortune
    grindz yer darn

sept, mmxiv

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