Saturday, March 8, 2014

hey hey

Hey hey     ize a sick ol man
     ain no use to pout n frown
whan ize daid to frum ize cum
   then hey hey tiz ho nonny none

ho nonny none      whan ize feelin sore
     hurtin bad n wurse in store
taint az if ize young no more
     hey hey tiz whoz t' care

hey nonny no wotz up soonz down
     skinny az rope an wun end gone
cheeks sucked in an teeth undun
     then hey ize fettle as a skeleton

hey di ho meanz summatz up
     sky is fallin vexed wi snow
summerz went n autumn flew
     and hey tiz next t stars cum thru

whan hey hey me toes turn up
     t'aint mort o' matter whar ize dug
spent me gains on booze n fun
     herez t hey ho n hey nonny none

wid hey ho     then upend me mug

feb mmxiv

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