Monday, March 10, 2014

dying to qualify

Matter is evil
trump card for membership
in this vicarious game of opposites
cleaves body from soul
we mortals guilty of human nature
and sentenced before quickening
which means flesh blood bone nerves
and above all sensible mind
damned as devil's work
reasoning from elementary either-or
decides who takes charge of our will
our right to reason freely
conscience blown
caring and compassion for world corporeal
tis all swept away like litter in wind's ken
this earth we inhabit
source of being and doing
manifold of elements compounded
folded into many and many beyond compare
no arbitrary division
as if words could choose affinity
that owes no relation to its originall
what do we deny
complicit with idle proof
that matters a damn

feb mmxiv

Saturday, March 8, 2014

hey hey

Hey hey     ize a sick ol man
     ain no use to pout n frown
whan ize daid to frum ize cum
   then hey hey tiz ho nonny none

ho nonny none      whan ize feelin sore
     hurtin bad n wurse in store
taint az if ize young no more
     hey hey tiz whoz t' care

hey nonny no wotz up soonz down
     skinny az rope an wun end gone
cheeks sucked in an teeth undun
     then hey ize fettle as a skeleton

hey di ho meanz summatz up
     sky is fallin vexed wi snow
summerz went n autumn flew
     and hey tiz next t stars cum thru

whan hey hey me toes turn up
     t'aint mort o' matter whar ize dug
spent me gains on booze n fun
     herez t hey ho n hey nonny none

wid hey ho     then upend me mug

feb mmxiv

iz it here ... izit thar ... ho tiz hot air

Bah meister barmbrackt
tich sticks his end in
thoo pontificates frum on hi
calls yersen seeker o trooth
better don wings
u haz far to go
wid yer airy haspirayshuns
wharz dis elevated plan u sites
belike pole-sitter
beggin scraps o numinus mannah
let fall frum upper firmament
absolomon verity
yer wurds git longer less eligibull
fer unnerstanding more youse prates
till u flies off hintoxicated
dasnt u stan huprite on urthz gravitas
bag o intestinal niftytude
trooth darn here must enjoy qualifier
or it stanz alone
similar to maiden aunt last o tribe
gotta hab relations
watch tich see me barry
makes no sense stannin forlorn
here goes
i pick up handles o ditto
an push den off i trots
now tis has meanin
tip o me cap yer honner
thanx fer pleasant natter

big i am per pro tich* wid haid ache
mar mmxiv

*Tich Backhouse hiz sayso