Saturday, February 8, 2014

who the hell am i

who the hell am i  lass
who the hell am i
turned around whos looking back
wind the winding track
mind when looking back
beside your great self  lass
who the hell am i
nobuddy's more my weal  lass
'fore i wuz born
'fore i wuz born lass
look at the hell you went thru
what do i mean
what do i call your woe
tis behind me afore you
the hellish path you went  lass
who damn cheers now
when you gave your entire best
devoted to your own
your own of one i am  lass
the last to top the story
story never got told
into green bed you folded
tired to the end
when your kids deserted
who is now your friend
settles in my gall  lass
hurts where it sticks
you served   we took
was it worthy of a loving look
coming past your memory's grave
oh humbling never bent your knees
say no long-gone bye  lass
with tears that wet this page


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