Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can i be what i am

Can i be what i am
an old man
and relinquish
the weight of the world

neither here nor there
station stars themselves?
so with this perplexed dodderer
insisting he is what he was

bent age has its niche
not in line of fire
'cept nodding off
snug by cosy chimney corner
and hearth's reward

yeah     haha     damn your clich├ęd
quote from minor poet
who with six good men and true
was lowered out of this question
which seeks with verse erratic
to square armchair with dump of
clogging white wet gleaming teeming
whad y know wintry snow
through benefit of window's charity

clarity belongs as i do
between neither nor of argy-bargy
feet up neglecting felt duty
household ministrations
recline holding comfort of pen
dabbing at blank paper
to no resolution
beside the point
to hell with agitating
vexed brow

sup your tea     lad
as snow goes
so do you


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