Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Apropos sue's crab: sadly expired anon

The more i'm aware
    the less i'm sure
that what's extempore
     can by apriori
conniving endure
     in form bewildering
beyond my powers
     interpretive and rare
neither through insight
     nor imagining how
metaphor can pull us
     through this nameless      to wit:
we ineluctably expire
     and interpenetrate
another sphere
     like potential drawn
from what's not there
    and certainly conserve our ego
by repair through unfathomed elements
     from here to
oh where      o where

dec 10th mmxiii

** reference: christopher marlowe
"dr faustus" act v scene ii lines 1926-82
"all beasts are happy, for when they die,
their soules are soone dissov'd in elements"

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