Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No slackening

falterin' steps of age
        hop skip and stumble
leaning on cane which bows to gravity
        grave deterioration
this lack of resolve
        stiffed by pain . . .
oh come off it
        you sorry twit
tis not terra firmer you eye
        look up with level head
staunch and no slackening
        a . . . ten . . shun! eyes front, shoulders back!
let apes shamble
        yes plod on no sweat

so i am worn as loose chinstrap
        cheer up!   calls robin on top of form
wise is his song

to listen   brokendown and sore
        i can chortle   haw haw
sky through plane tree leaves peering
        generous beatitude   fortunate apertures
bidding lift spirits   humane gesture
        no denying

july mmxiii

july mmxiii

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