Monday, August 26, 2013

pleasure at eight-six

feet up   enjoyin nix
        no effort   no advice
depends aint in it
        jest lie back   let irksome
must   wave bye bye
        muscles wunce taut  past tense
why shape up
daisical duz it

afore me droopin eyez
        white-crowned sparrer an younker
retrieve seeds let fall
        by fumblebum chickadees
bickerin at feeder over haid

swych effort
        calls fer doze . . .
        wotz dis   brazen sun
        evades shiftless shadow
        ruffles me stilliness
        competes wid impertinent
        heat   fer equipose   mine
        wot comfit were aint

        hey sum booby move me lounge chair
           thinks i   wurld dont care
        tis hanomally o dotard yearz
                wharz respeck?

        move self arguably indoorz
           fallz into wheelchair
         . . . ZZzzzzz

july mmxiii

Friday, August 23, 2013

I have lived

not lost   found
in cross hairs
deja vue glimpses
what i lived
from   through
no matter importance
then   no reasoning ties
exceptions   my eyes
open on   passed not by
here culls of reflection
recollection rather as happens
another flashback
to my life being
nearly done   how
exquisite these intents
thereby of now
in this parvue
summed-up fragments
connect thankful
twas what is i
am   source of being
unfolds with sufficiency
i have lived

july mmxiii

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No slackening

falterin' steps of age
        hop skip and stumble
leaning on cane which bows to gravity
        grave deterioration
this lack of resolve
        stiffed by pain . . .
oh come off it
        you sorry twit
tis not terra firmer you eye
        look up with level head
staunch and no slackening
        a . . . ten . . shun! eyes front, shoulders back!
let apes shamble
        yes plod on no sweat

so i am worn as loose chinstrap
        cheer up!   calls robin on top of form
wise is his song

to listen   brokendown and sore
        i can chortle   haw haw
sky through plane tree leaves peering
        generous beatitude   fortunate apertures
bidding lift spirits   humane gesture
        no denying

july mmxiii

july mmxiii

Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling tells

feeling tells what
whether mind accords
with uncertain why
weeping tears
let fall unbidden
be glad   pity on
bended knees   put aside
joyous arises approval
lent to sustain
through daunting doubt
oh shyly fond simple
smile marks brow
mellow eyes gazing
wonders at insight
how seen revealing
where understood
throws near and far
in focus   still being
embraced immediately
altogether gathered
let go   bye and bye
again may resume
while knowing nods

may mmxiii