Monday, March 4, 2013

Scatter seed

catter seed for peckish juncos
  among fallen maple leaves
and dormant plants
where they happily stop scurry
pick pick pick eager to feed
back after summer migration
and i retire to feed with eyes
eager to eat it up

 snowbirds entertaining
long restover till spring
populate bare garden
stripped of cheery flowers and fresh greenery
winters order to fall:
i like it desolate

 hard to imagine buried roots
under earth devotedly
storing strength for renewal: sapience

constancy in absence
task of growth not entered lightly
no flighty pledges of bosom love
    oh wringing of high-handed heart
you may yet
versed in comings-and-goings
discover trust

presence of mind in absence
remaining steadfast
see what lodges in-between places
found hither-thither and yon
gathering through spaces of whirling swirling
what's to do being done

oh safely cherished
vital proof persistence
urge to confirm what's called natural behaviour
in recognition of constancy met

november mmxii