Thursday, February 28, 2013

Should I lament

Oh should i lament
    when lived to play outdoors
breathed content
    apron-strings fell off
should i now with pen poised
    deny what happened
may duly and let unruly
    fast as young legs can carry me
backwards and fall
    helplessly laughing
into glassworks' field
    among wild headhigh grass
thronged with huge michaelmas daisies
    turn beckon to my best pal
    “gie us a hand up!”
wander together along familiar ditch
    source of frogs and merriment
dare each other
    leaping across bank to
slip     and darn! one shoe wet
    leave sock on rock to dry

days of youth yes animated with fun
    and excruciatingly bygone
dwelling in some folds of aged brain
    these still-eternal years
and i gathering wrinkles
    instead of child's play
unbegrudged and yes as if erased
    with catch in laugh no-one can hear

december's dying year mmxii

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