Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just a tick

life's a surd*
full of pi
    and we
hurried before dish
as if out of mid-air
    smacking lips
proof's in size of it
    says i
certainly absurd
    real experience
arrives from
    eyes nose ears
tongue touch
    worldly sensations
if we attend
    so don't believe
any cerebral by-blow
    of specious origin
if we give it a thought
    tis unutterably bedight
and incontinent

when you can feel onset
    pervasive bellyful of blah
oh my    oh my
    deny lip-service
simply believe
    ideal entity    bah
stems from rational root

lea mmx+ii


1 comment:

janel raelyn said...

Nice poem! And true indeed... It is just a TICK! :)