Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer solstice

There's a downside to everything
    not necessarily bad
our way of watching the clock
    ticking off the seasons
the years like a handy roll of film in a camera
    pictured spooling off or on
click click looksee looksee
    that's how the present gets shaped
first closeup then distant
    as we look over our shoulder
turning the yet-to-be into the once-was
    forgetting what comes next is now

    distinctions like Spring -Summer
are threaded by our feelings, our wishes thoughts
    into daisy-chains to play with in fancy
this Spring that is now waxing into Summer
    foretells a waning of the sunlit hours
turning Summer on its head
    and with the downside we expect
travel fun holidays delights at the table meetings
    but life is all one picture
unembraceable as that one picture
    and the glimpses we get
startle us into recognizing
    all seasons have their fling

Summer solstice, mmvii

In the beginning

               In the beginning
there was no beginning
nobody turned up nobody cared
no sorcerer waving hey presto
with magic wand
sun shone with warmth and vigour
sea supplied habitat
land lent its elemental fabric
out of these came provision for proficiency
no guessing how
earthiness found promethean artifice
clothing anima
with skills and self-growth

early one room school
simple sums taken to heart
child's play
cleave and multiply
self-taught by feeling
and uncanny sense of order

no proud parents
attended graduation
fostered by sun sea and land
in lieu of father and mother

let's wish them belated greetings
they're our remotest antecedents
who've earned our respect
be humble at least once today
and no cards please!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ize abidin

Ize abidin me presence other presences abidin
near t mindin goinz on abidin wherezever
soz awoken scarce dozin   cummin in on o morn
cummin on o dawn   cummin on wotz sartin
wid dis unsartinty dwellin
n damped darn frum up awellin
cos ize marrit t wurry
cos ize orl fun unsartin
how wot be about in me wurld awillin
might n might wid eventful dun
might nut
cum arushin cum acrushin yrz untruly unwishin
dozy darn path o morn agrumblin
hurry like unto whirlwind
unto whirlwind arumblin
wurldwind in me path hurled
whilez wot i wot not
cumz about aint nuthin aint so
whoz worthy t be abornin
tis good they be glad
spite n trubblez away unto sky blowen
    clouds dottin light frum sunz gotten
ariz be uz don az wurld twirlin by
     may twentieth abornin    two thousan n leven