Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dawn overslept

Dawn overslept
rubs eyes
opens curtains of night
no apologies for london plane trees
naked leaves with foliage down
 rumpled at feet
as if stepping from cold morning ablutions
 late november's mist and drizzle

i with camera coaxed out of doors
 breaking hush in dim twilight
senses at point
 scan shrubbery for opportune takes
there! amongst ruddy lance-shaped leaves
 pearly droplet clinging to branch
pulsing with urge to let go! did i or did i not .....
 like heartbeat of quivering life
recorded in digital image
 i may hold original finitely in electronic stasis
as it was and never will be again
 aware how gods or no gods
we may enter and be touched by beyond
 beyond what commonly seems to exist
and quench our longing in uncommon splendour

December mmxi

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