Sunday, October 16, 2011


Take the eye of mind
the longing "i"
the knowing "i"
explore its subtle self
as in a scrying glass
lit by the lantern of the psyche

enter the cavern of the cranium
at the threshold of awareness
where shapeless musings
beckon at the ports of insight

i have explored the passages of self
braved the introspective dark
undistracted by spectral fantasies
in antiquated dress
which spell-bind with doomsay and revelation
those who peep
then look askance

i learned to step ahead
with ear attuned to resonances
echoic as in a void
and slept inside the tomb of yesterday

where sunlight creeps into the eastern hall
there i awake to life
and mingle with that throng
of feelings thoughts appearances
that market-place
my personality
where i belong
my self-meant territory

early 60s, rev. mmxi

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