Friday, October 21, 2011

of origin ...

... being of itself utmost bounty
calls originality into being
In the beginning
          was the thing most and only alike itself
most alike what it was
          and the beginning
being original arose out of its own spontaneity
          so the beginning was
and always is the beginning
          which we are wont to call right and good
not being able to dance upon the point of π
          harmonious proportion
being itself as itself in every way

you and i     sue     are of that seed and flowering
          being ever alike and not alike
and endowed with a sense of proportion
          in order to declare thisisthis and thatisthat
we shape into particular things     single or many
          each a novel identity even in likeness
droplets of the infinite flux and endless flow
          which are never lost or estranged
except incidentally or to themselves hapless
          for the fulness of being known
is itself being itself in every way
          through spontaneity dancing upon the point of π
or finding own selfhood when seeming most lost


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