Friday, October 15, 2010

Hellhound Bay

I'll tell you a thing
    a thing to be told
rodent like hellhound
    more fiendish more bold

one moment twere serpent
    an 'terpsichore t'other
any shape it could wear
    as sister to brother

o doubt not you cynic
    each word that I utter
never sandwich so thick
    or spread so with butter

the like never hunted
    not as hungry for prey
as savage in mien
    nor kraken nor ray

oh that bestial spawn
    from dregs o the deep
they say he were born
    without mother to weep

ferocity incarnate
    at ravening prey
parastichopus    hydromedusa
    outviciousing they

o fear ye at midnight
    o fear ye at noon
neither garlic nor crosstalk
    will ward you from harm

take heed of my warning
    bend ear    mind your act
stay clear of the saltchuck
    at walpurgisnacht

for hallowe'en mmx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

true blues

Let's not sing the blues      mister
      i got 'nough hurt
spilled to lose
      no kind o moody song
kin take me that place
      where sadness don't belong
how in hell can i bear
      that caterwailin guitar
of down-n-dismal romance
      sure had my share
long time this guy larnin
      what double-dealin do
yore heartache caint cure
      wretched at night
hate mornin too

better move right along
      this feller digs the score
that blues hauling old freight
      no use t feel sore
what's gone's gone
      keep head on straight
if she's right woman
      no matter what's next
wisen up      you kin wait

laurie ashton dec mmi

Friday, October 8, 2010

sense out of sensibility

Tut     promise you     love
    never did peremptory utterance
so get left ad hoc to chance
i'd tell you first
    what occurs by slow or urgent degrees
as we dabble or plunge
    in shallows or deeps
thus rehearsed by petty daily drama met
should rule through neglect of rule

trust in faith can't offer trust
    nor constancy without equivocation

upon each mutual occasion
    foregoing what is yet to be owed
as with avowal greater gathered
    this then and now whenever
mishap by no means misled
    continuity aptly prevails
each to each engaged in together-meant

heart so beats     breath so swells
    upon matters that tacit matter

oh tis tizzy admits malice
    soothly restored for affirmative
fondest affection     tender regard     caring touch
    earthier than precepts of importunate imperative love
determination more ready to equable concern
    by mere fantastic sentiments unmoved

tis t'woosomeness
    un-put-able tongue-wise     other than ...

... companionate elucidation

sept 29th mmx