Saturday, March 20, 2010

to laughter insubstantial

You don't have to be ilka moor baht hat
    or doolahlitap
to dig th' infra
    simply touched
when you encounter number's outcome
    death's door
dearth of plenty     dower of none

cheer up    says sparrow
    layin' down bow-n-arrow
cue tip to review

likelihood's where we're at
    certainty - trust in bonce's sponsorship
gone for a burton

trees in breeze     mare's tails in sky
    supply verity to you and i
anticipating rain or clarity
    consulting obedience    habit's tie

on measure    we stake our lot
    crossroads of heart's dilemma
passion a-sighin an' a-sobbin
    topknot counts us out
guts in denial
    as evermore invites us in

suzerain transcendence     sacreblah
    dig the infra
doff thinking capstone
    feel how and what and is
source of up and does and wrests worth

egyptian goddess nut overarching sky
    twin of world-god geb
pictured bending from horizon to horizon
    in touching embrace poised
primitive vision    shattered as visions must
    until beyondwherewithal    manumitted from human whatness

my    oh my    unbounded unmindful at last
    singing paean as visions slip away
until what is not is not


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