Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mud Bay, October mmix

Mud Bay, you'll stay as you were
    in our weather eye this day
dank desolate late october
    heavy drizzle    wind tilts umbrellas

and cameras sprayed with rain
    high tide featurless unmoved
such pounding on grass and reeds
    clumps of heavy-headed flowers
saturated and subdued    like us

no we didn't shout in confrontation
    nothing dramatic    too busy coping
by mutual support    tangle of togs and gear
    elements aim breath-taking shots at us

lone great blue heron empties locality
    at our substitution and elects distant post
marching legs of railroad    trestle dwindling
    like our comfort zone

blown away and had enough
    we seek alleviations of car
content to be present and in companionable spirts
    when earth and weather conjoin
    treating us to spectacular visitation


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