Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Love

For young to learn
    or apprise by falling
in    and out:
    'to love'    verb
wordworthy adjective
    for poets' courtly
conduct and conduit between
    where selves get subsumed

love: to dote
    falls short on staying power
misses mark    butt of cupid's shaft
    might as well go sky-larking
as vaunt the quill
    or mope the turtle-dove

tis comminution of vocabulary
    before love divine'
s versatile synthesis of
    pointing out and recognizing
what's in common and differs

how rare to find
    this coming to mind's twain
arriving arriving arriving at
    matched experiences
above expectation
    thus contemplated    and let be let be
let be


after reading poems on love by elizabeth b. browning

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