Thursday, October 22, 2009


My sleep    i tell     be still
    because it dream of thee
nervous as leonina melibe
    that slips from here to there
by no one shape possessed

o tell me    heart
    that be i sore or sad
more in head than in thee

though tis dream i dream
    dreamless addressing thee
thy potent afflatus
    as if some demented lodgment
penetrates my brain

yes even mottled vagary
    of fashion or motion
forgotten as soon as seen
    art thou in my subcranial
notices    albeit more unreal
    than illusive self i tend

oh yes    what you demand
    in my most demented dreams     i fend

oct, mmix

after reading Thomas Campion his verses
when ill and medicated, my awakening turn to pen

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Manifesto or Rant in Deep Gaze Delving

Part 1

Oh kindred by birth and death related
    on teeming earth dwellling
commerce of pulsating organs
    through cellular intelligence impregnated
origin infinitude
    coming from and going to
tissues importunate with growth
    who lustful live and dissolute die
deprived of wants that fail through vicissitude
    misadventure of this fickle cycle
oh community of indeterminate animation
    born to accident and challenged with loss
what could recompense injury more apt than relief
    or compassion restrain intemperate demands
mind by inspiration more than ambition
    accedes to conscience' better eye

oh community of kinds at odds about ends
    from means obtained how known
except some antic universal cause
    with wisdom from past lore elicited
attend to beginnings how led
    in what purposive directions
community with concern for fellowship in common
    variously inclined to unique identity apart
whose insights preserved by ritual and practice
    though skilfully employed with attainments incredible in scope
none consider a priori right to hierarchical supremacy
    except vain attitude of one self-indulgent species
that would cite imperative authority for distinct unfellowship

Part 2

oh human kin new-born to wonder
    with delight and curiosity ennobled
body and mind in accord
    rudely aroused to consciousness
giving tongue in elemental protest
    by need informed and by habit conditioned
sufficiently quick of self commanding
    to prove original independence
whether as ready to oblige as defy

oh spirit of animation by what cost
    of nature natural with instinct imbued
sooner or late conforming to species' interest
    determined by adapting to curcumstance
how taught how inclined from ingenuity informed
    external ground from internal experience differentiating
until what's known through sensible perception
    surrenders to thought's conceptual validity
immediacy distanced by objectivity from abstract truth
    i self-consciously felt as me
that other self    falling short of ideality
    uniform perfection    state of ultimate virtue
thwarting companionship with teeming earth
    disowned in favour of superior image
conceit of human ego    rogue arrogance
    even vassals' due denied
oracular epitaph so inscribed:
    ah weal and woe kinship's loss
    homage and fealty disdained



To Love

For young to learn
    or apprise by falling
in    and out:
    'to love'    verb
wordworthy adjective
    for poets' courtly
conduct and conduit between
    where selves get subsumed

love: to dote
    falls short on staying power
misses mark    butt of cupid's shaft
    might as well go sky-larking
as vaunt the quill
    or mope the turtle-dove

tis comminution of vocabulary
    before love divine'
s versatile synthesis of
    pointing out and recognizing
what's in common and differs

how rare to find
    this coming to mind's twain
arriving arriving arriving at
    matched experiences
above expectation
    thus contemplated    and let be let be
let be


after reading poems on love by elizabeth b. browning