Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Innocence caint lie

Innocence caint lie
    experience is why
truth may be a viper
    inner sense caint lie

sure as candour
    short of truth is shy
tricks kin forfeit verity
    inner sense aint sly

may innocence be free
    from truths you lay on us
lie's a lie tho seeming wise
    sneaky self-serving compromise

nah    inner sense aint show
    tis anonymous antithesis
to reason's blowhard certainty
    an' informs our musing sentience


Monday, June 1, 2009

End o road blues

Tharz an end to th' road dearie
    an end to th' road
road whar i iz agoin
    weary wid my load

oh    i loves you truly
    loves you all day through
but nights iz harder dearie
    cos they gits some dreary blue

sees end has t' come dearie
    sees end has to come
    taint wrong feelin what i feels
though loves you plenty some

tharz an end to th' road dearie
    an end to th' road
down road whar lovez a maybe
    alivin iz my load