Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irreverent rant n testymeant: tich backhouse

ot flea in me ear
    caint be shuffled off t hell
widout benefit o appeal t wotzwot
    tis jurisdiction o common plea
taint big deal     tiz bumsteer
    prim or maudlin bible-punchin
brot uz to dis pass
    bended knee to mitred boss on high
nix on blame n guilt     tiz small beer

seems pundit god fabled celeb in ecstatic fit
    went gaga    jines bevy o disportin spheres az wun
blows script    dis wurld on ours slips offen hook
    anomaly wid mind f owen
grate unifying theory unstuck
    cumz orbital spin whimsickal
spurns imperative net o niceties
    regularity aint zactly where itz at
seasons along o nite n day kick traces
    till chancetz lack clout
odds n evens juggle places
    'n wot cuddnt be cumz about

animated matter
    roused frum cumbrous clay
by sunz radiance bidden
    crawls on land    propels in sea
each feedin on remains o tother
    dietz implicit conservation

elemental sphere
    habitat o proliferatin critters
thorough ordeal o happenstance
    provokes urgency ter suffer n persist
commandin guile n craft
    means dat persuade sentient beins
ter triumph n surpass
    ober wot dey were an now iz
till upstart species
    aspires t status atop heap
full o theyselns
    az favoured beyond mortal ken

whan I tich were tad back then
    skipped sunday schoo-ul fer deviltry
clumb up nearby abandoned windmill
    an' lookit far
openin eyes     how prospects depend
    az stature o humans diminishes
view hullo frum on high heady tonic

dig tich filosofusser n gadfly
    axin dis grate pinweelin proliferation
wherewhichwise be you agoin
    sizin up does n donts
I figger how more fools kicks bucket
    dan enters mewlin fer tit

quiz     how cumz about dis burden o care
    arrogatin estate ober earthen naybours
handed down az damnable legacy
    contrary t second nature o give-n-take
tiz greed     tiz prejudice     tiz vulgar pride
    wud deny we iz kin

wotz point o larnin matters
    beyon our sensible ken
if'n they don’t sit obligin
    like painterz model
compliant t perfecshunz exactitude
    till orl wunderz ob dis consummation
seem throwen like gardez loo frum casement
    or night-soil on fields o bishopz glebe

nah quitten tizzy
    we kin wit queriex acumen or mudder wit
resolve wotz nearby an ' at large
    stead o bandyin contumashush pros n cons
as if'n eyen lost touch wi' haid

sez I tich surely conclusive
    opt fer originall provenance
deaf ear t bumptious propheteers
    an' lib owen lot az best t prove
we aint stuckup gods nor lickspittles neider
    accomplex nodes o sentience we
carbon copies haha
    sweet generous birthrite gibben
cos we iz dem n dey iz us
    engorgin n transformin
nut cowerin on fall o hammer
    cum soon cum later by-n-bye
tiz nut ours ter pry

wherezupon leavin off me disquizition
    landlord    tis honour bends yr dooty
tap barrel o feisty forebeerz brew
    grateful draught we sups
in cheer o gran ancestral lineage
    wez tagend on
frum mite to might-be
    you haz dun uz proud
I is toot finis

tich, oct 21st, '008, blaxsmit armz

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