Saturday, May 10, 2008

I saw a vision once

saw a vision once
    let's not mock at visions
I have seen what eyes deny
    and feelings understand by intuition
whose world is right by knowing?
    what we have felt is just
and knowing shortly judges feeling

I believe my fancy
    let it play as fiddles dance
the tune my feet will tap
    the barrel-organ and the flute
are instruments of pleasure
    take them gladly or sadly
badly fails to please

I saw a vision once
    it taught me not a whit
about this peopled planet
    although I learnt the threefold rule
what it meant was meaningless
    the visioning was clear
visions are horizons
    they explore the hemisphere we never reach

let us teach ourselves as best we may
    find out the vision suited to our looking
I have spent a lifetime nearly
    searching out my need
the dream I swore to find has dissipated
    the flesh lives on:    the soul-search deprecated

vision as it was    and will be     I adore
    as madmen know the cost
the mind is not lost
    as long as searching searches
and the field is clear
    snuff out the candle when the wick is dim
bury him!     he burnt a flame
    in his own name!

mcmlxii, rev. mmviii

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