Wednesday, May 21, 2008


deck of cards
    dealt by the dealer
as they fall out
    and played according to a hoyle
whose rules enforced
    ensure the transactions of the game

a house of cards
    struck as a pasteboard pageant
of foreshadowy perceptions
    within the precincts of a crystal ball

see how the pictures
    dance and shuffle
hearts and diamonds
    lead the motley throng
with the kings and queens attending
    to the cries of
"show your hand!"

spades and clubs are bosses
    run the verbose show
disturbing threats they utter
    whenever dancers slow

come dance the minuet my queens
    come laugh and mime you knaves
aces in a hole declare
    that trumps will call
and cards will fall
    upon a deuce of judgment day
alike upon a judge of deucement day
    alike upon the cracking packing doom

mcmlx… rev. mmviii

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