Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To fly a kite

o fly a kite light in the sky
    a streamer-cloud balloons blowing children hallo-ing
looking up wide-eyed

i’d rather be born again
than died in the wool at school     head bent over
    perusing paper with inkblots scrawls marks
        for a hundred per cent the ultimate

    flip your lid! fly that kite! watch it duck as we tug
leaping eager to clamber out of sight
    kids must be wrong as well as right
trust as strong as a heart-string can pull us down to earth
    for a rebirth

    those desks they sit in
with lids like kettles over ids
        scrawled on blackboards like toilet-walls
‘two and two make four’     (raise your hand when you know the score)

    jericho blow! fanfare of hope! eye’s opening wider
greeting the spider’s web of kite trails in cloud-streamers
    of windwards blowing children ho-hoing like Buddha

    lap it up! whoop it up!
kittycat can look at the queen
    where have you been lately     growing up?

mcmlxx, rev. mmi

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