Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busier than the busiest

usier than the busiest, busy thee
none more busy, not even foraging bee
strange that the honey a toiler should prove
though from sweetness comes strength -
or so they declare!
Thine industry is worthier far
than seven-score housewives, each to a chore
for by comparison, their deed is done, that and no more
whereas for thee, my hasty dear
doors bend upon a spacious landscape
bravely unfurled
workings of the heart

As for myself, i fly at what intrigues
the need to know how come how go
tis not my choice, nor vice, nor inkling's homily
that i should, inadvertent me, the bonds of study
take on
i loathe travail
assigned to impulse, driven or drawn
by sensible logic's keen severity

And so in this, being complementary
not contrary-wise to you
tis why, both being suited, thou and i
merrier are we and more loving thereby


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