Monday, March 17, 2008

If i say kissing someone

f I say kissing someone
suits my fancy,     do you know
whose lips I mean?    or if I say
love's will be done    do you care
whose eyes return my stare
this heart has guarded forty-one
done-to-a-turn     sizzled    frazzled
seasons    those long hot summers
dazzled by the sun
that turned out bummers!
so if I say    kissing someone
come what may will repay
my fancy    do you care
my eyelids stare    fold over
like errant balls
lost in neighbours' gardens
with forty-one summers
beyond recall?
do you care    do you care
do you unreward my stare
debonair one whose lips
I mean    I mean to own?

mmlx, amended mmvii

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