Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolution

h lord
     i promise
tomorrow i'm crossin over
    i promise     i promise
goin on t'other side

cant help lovin and hopin for today
cant help it less than suicide
what d' y' do now y' do what y' do
    except promise
        mouthful o' hope
    I cain't swaller
        'n i promise lord
tomorrow 'm crossin over
goin on t'other side

lord     i recognize
    infernal grandiose
        smoke machine's scenario's
            gonna capture y'
if y' don seek eternal rapture

but for today lord
    gotta stay till i get a preview peek
    gotta wait 'n see

oh i promise
    yes i promise
whate'er betide
i'll be yours truly
i'll cross way over
tomorrow i'm goin on t'other side

mcmxcix rev. mmviii

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