Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Joceline

ay . . . joss!
    let's give the rules a holiday!    from you
who take the cake
    like a faith in the exhuberance of living
simply for enjoyment's sake
    to me who peck at the crumbs
    as if committing a sinful act of pleasure
tell me    when are the tables turned
    you know: the unmerry-go-round mad hatterwise
picking up someone else's empty cup
    with apologies

to dodge the questioning
    let's pretend we're the guests
call the waitress
    we'll set out the goodies on our sensual table
the limit's our ability to pay in laughter
    we'll pile sensation to the skies
forgetting all about the cost
    until we've had a bellyful of what we're after!
the moral's clear    move over gal!
    as long as imperfection rules the roost
the gamest cocks get to crow . . . let's go!

mcmlxiii, rev. mmvii

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