Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jade Beast

Jade beast
    your mythic power still lives
avatar of human aspirations
    shape of incongruous origins made compatible
animal qualities by kindred to ours
    singularity most harmonious

    kilin    reputed for your gentleness
monstrous artefact of ancient lore and craft
    we owe you awe and reverence
proof of provenance scant
    you are your own authority
recognized by whom you would be seen
    charismatic aura under cloak of anonymity

    "found under bed"!    so i am told
by what freak of providential coincidence
    revealed to present-day consciousness
hidden after long sojourn
    buried in earth
leaping over manifold generations
    white apparition    indicative of great age

    guardian called to defend against wilful chaos
when worldy events run amok
    human pride and greed resulting in discord
which carry misfortune to innocent life

    huge jaws open in challenge
massive haunches crouched in still momentum
    epitome of grace and strength
body-language in any tongue
    may you stand thus on our behalf
as we remain loyal to your purpose
    bequeathing to futurity
benevolence    serenity and precious gift of friendship

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