Monday, August 27, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XVI (final)

errymemad sniffs phooey
    you z growed up topsywise turvey
        accept yr white-liveried n black moodz
            oh my-giddy-aunt fatalism
        accept yr tergiversatin n faint heartz
    yer breakin wind aint inspiration
        nor sweat on brow dew frum heaven

    piss alley rules y
    piss alley rules y
    piss alley rules y

    tad z taken shepherdz crook n bosunz starter
            fer granted
        aint that how yr state-f-art animal adapts
        aint that exactly where pragmatrix leads yr
        aint that tackin thru divers crowds f premisses
        aint that yr puretest enigma n variations
        aint that yr cock-n-bullier circumstances
            red rag-written-off by-n-large

    oh yeah    oh yeah    oh yeah

alley wit-in-residencez sees-n-saws
    wealth z
        coin f realmz half-arsed swollen model
            as fart is to shit
    wealth z
        bottle corked r pig bled
        after shit z forked n spread
        seed spilled nursed n fed

alley loo yeah chorus cries
    oh yeah    oh yeah    oh yeah

filosofusser will go a-musing:
    what fool will bravely naively disinfer
        originall bitterend
    where peacez stagnant regime
        warps across warz mayhembez regimen
    could be clockwise crack f cockalarum doom
        importunate knock on too-little-too-late door
    unimportant as lubricious peccadillo
        that lays to rest nightfall head on pillow

    lolloping waves
    tossed heads f trees
    tip-toeing clouds
        upsy-daisy downsy-daisy
            banality f words
        aint no revolution

    what suffices comes back to haunt y
    being lonely-onliest iz price paid
            be merry
                be wise
    return c.o.d.
    unless product satisfies

tadz soleloquy
    no sir    no sirrah        no sirree
        to be aint not-to-be
    even secondhand look
        on timez face
            can see
        more lies in wait
            than hourglass sand run out
    life z handheld candle
        meant to burn steadfastly
            till snuffed when infirm
        like fellow-de-se sun
            sheddin brightness on disarray
                to make sense of
                    day in    day out
            expirin when dayz work done

    cry amenity    cry alley-buddha-loud-yeah
    cry amen fr humanity

utter last by tad
    got mentors n tormentors
    taken hints n kicks
    licked sugared ifs n salty buts
    heard calliope round f blasphemies n tut-tuts
    goin out where i came in

    joy z efficacious
        dated anterior to dis-ease
            which sends contentment
                to its knees

    truthz bein antinomial
        doesn't matter
        like odd pairs of socks
            found in wash with fluffed curses
                that beg or borrow hysteria

    yeah        listen to tad    be aware
    bottom line by default z diaperin n spankin buttocks

blind alley filosofusserz paradiddle:
    serves no humane purpose
    this bein led up garden path
        or down
    by revolutions
        turns of juggernaut wheel
    to which we are hung
        as if buckets to scoop
            and fill with earthz richness
                pockets f plenty-plunderers
    mountebanks that exploit
        our weal and woe
            writin finis over our shed bodies
                in name of advantage
    oh whose
        no    not ours     nay
    cry out to toiling-wheel-year-by-yearz-turning    whoa
    cry woe to wheel

poetasterisk bids envoi

    cry qui vive
        looksee peoplehole
            knock on portal
                where revealed other eye     or i
                self beyond self
        terra incognita
            "here be strange misshapen beasts"
        ill-omened to deter seers n pilgrims
            from discovering wonders greater than allegory
        land with no tongue to praise

    take carnal oath
        cross boon-companion heart
        void phlegm
            cleansing fistula where sooth runneth
        question maudlin liver n sepulchrous spleen
            let intimate organs run together compliantly
                like sojourney moon and journeyman sun

    we be all seeded properties
        accommodated over noble celestial endowment
            to fare in singular animation
    aware and not aware according to lore
        in whose backyard we cant put ultimate shape to
        nor entertain in courtesy resident mage
            if such there be
            except to dream upon

    aint that yr daffy-down-dilly finderz-keepers
        gone to flinders upset revelation
    bless yr joie de vivre liver
    bless yr leapfrog kissin heart
        may that fire up engrams in yr corpus callusom
            till y forget who you are n find out what y iz

alley weal rule y
        alley weal rule y
            alley weal rule y
                oh yeah alley-wise weal rule y

The End.

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