Sunday, July 1, 2007

When i was charmed and young, lad

When i was charmed and young, lad
    i swung a fancy ankle
i was a fancy lass
    i swayed my nifty arse, luv
to catch your fond attention
    to lure you, bold as brass

though i was almost six and teen
    and you were teen and seven
my heart was some mischevious
    and love was nearby heaven

now i am sick and worn, lad
    and languish in a haven
and you are dead and mourned, luv
    and i am sore bedridden

though i am sixteen-sixty, lad
    and frown at what i am
i’d still strut a fancy ankle
    I’d sway a nifty bum
to catch your fond attention:
it’s soon how years has gone!


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