Friday, July 27, 2007

Allley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XIV

elkin wonderer sez hi
    lookit thoroughfare
        there z shortcoming n shortcommons
        there z long suits n trumps
        there z shortfalls n longhauls
        there z speed bumps n traffic summons
    y takes y lumps
    pavement payment due y'all

wayside pulpit propheteer extolls
    lookit strait n arrow
        there z marbelous walks n fountains    no lack
        there z guilded halls n recitals by bach
        there z haloes n harps n angels in flock
        there z bullion vaults n arches by max

    o laud    sing amen you all

jeremymad sez nay
    second lookit thoroughfare
    direct route leads from what z lapsed
        to what z perhapsed
    turnpike avenue f revenue
        culled sacks by bushel
        cost f express or posthaste
    lookit crooked mile reward
        pecks f kisses from missus
            who z dandlin crooked kid on crooked knee
        halt cant leap crooked stile
    toll litters concourse
        idiots havenots simpletons loonies freaks
        derided scorned despised
        hated hounded abandoned
    hum-hum fall-out peradventure

    singular wail'll tell y
    cry ai ai ai amend y'all
        alack n woebegone y
            alley weal be on y

alley jest supposes:
    wish-on-a-star risk
        salvation by degree or decree
    aint no noble savage manimality to save us
    nor godlinexus tween earth n heaven
        pray for magnumanity
    we iz free to be what we iz to be
    free of our own apronstrings
        if to be human z inhuman
            n to go ape z divine
    alley wail rule y
    alley wail rule y

    godz chillun gotta sing fer breakfast
    godz chillun gotta sing fer fast break
        fulcrum z sprung on no arm-twisting
            bejesus submission-hold
                cryin uncle
        double fiddle-di-dee mooseracktangled knackeryard knot
            aint where it z at
        none f us need eat own shit
        however recipe got

resident alley filosopuss spits ox off tongue
        onto barrelhead
    given body z at odds
    survival-toolshaped n flawed
    tool must sharpen edge
    remove elder burr
    care for wits n senses

    alley-wort hooks alternative abode
        digs in discommodious niche
        flouts landlord with single-minded salute
        disrespectin    rite-n-propertied gallantry
    cross-purpose malefactoring
        later consummate address

    alley green thumb rules extend y
        chess knight moves bent like legs f athletes
        refractory can be canny advocacy

    examine limb as patent crook
        limited animal enjoys joint cooperation
        articulation tangential asset
            machine can wipe own arse
            peeper can fetch bum through looking glass
        limber coupling to strangerself
        schitzy split extended into
            by hook or by crook
        with the corollary: i'll be first in my book
            cutting off friendly hand in exchange for
                prosthetic gauntlet

    roses bred for comely face
        leads to ditto noses
    as inference perforce
        rounds off supposes

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