Monday, June 11, 2007

Tich Backhouse : his two bits on th ereafter

hen I were ten i lied t me ma
    committin venereal sin gainst grate poohbah
or so they sed at bible schoo – l tent-tabernacle
    responses i – unrepentick an a mite dillytory
cos me cummupance iz due     bein befuddled an decrepick
    soze why caint skyhi fiddlerz bowin-prowess
dance me down them stairs wid less fuller-some airs?
    for taint az if i thumbed me nose     presumptuous-like
at christendum (which aint a place – susposedly a state o grace)
    incitin wails     torn hair     fits o spleen and lamentation
debauchin those wid ears to prick n eyes t goggle
    az reverend bodeswill in his zeal do swear
(scenes o nekkid bodies writhin everywhere)
    duz frolickin spark o fire dismay sun till it glower?
taint no test     lib i will az i ha bin    wi zest!
iz doom a care?     in a pig's ear!

from Tich : his deposition

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