Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XII

ey ninny ninny     artificial tongue
    hey nonny nonny    umbrageous folly
    hey ho    grind y'r calliope navel
        belly-got lingo n fulcrum
        you'll come to answer for boys n girls
    then make hey n alley hoopla
        you'll swing n hang together    ah

say nay    say nay
    universal rule z ululated out f court
    adjudged contemptible hoax by lore
    bought n sold as baggage at birth
        ain the ticket
    cry alley weal rule y
        alley weal rule y    yeah

tad    lotos-legged
    mistakin kaleidoscope toy
        f'r originall view of stars
            grab yr wrecker bars
            prise yr freedom
            bend yr prison bars
            hammer yr landlords
            smash yr cages
                smithereenz ultimatum pattern

    best bet from gifthorsez mouth
    peopleholez aperture

take yr simple looksees n quaint saws
        hand-me-maidenly-down savvy views
    like whales wheezing bottom
        gotta break f'r air
        spout n aspirate

    mouth draws breath
    eyes swivel looksee
    apprehensive or proprietorial
    you can like it and you can lump it

shouldn't wonder if phases f moon
    states f mind to suit
        from rags f thought to velvet britches
        from silk purse to wild-oat-sowerz ear
    round n round n round again

say nay    say nay
    cry alley weal rule y
        alley weal rule y     yeah

    howl z bestial tongue
        n sting f bee z eloquent colloquy
    wail z primitive lingua franca
        venomous bite z comprehensive lexicon

alley caterwaul sez
    kiss off almighty liason
        too-too wholesome seminal integrity
            qualifications admit
        like roosterz definitive performance at dawn
            on tipheap
        while adjunct hen demonstrates lay f land

    kiss off citadel and temple
        stronghold or glamorous     makes no mind
        potentate on balcony acknowledging masses
        pulls bitter plum from pie with flourish

    kiss off history as looking up to looking back at lot
        slumdwellerz paradigm
        brick by brick pile nondescript class erect
        cause n effect monumental improvidence
        ripoff hi-rise particular people disown

say nay    say nay
    cry alley weal rule y
        alley weal rule y

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