Monday, June 4, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part XI

ertinent: manifest sun
    sports yr necktied-party albatross
        called seasons
    browbeatin yr commoners and garden-fete variety
    evisceratin yr stranded eremite
        an' frecklin yr freak albinos
    not to mention yr captive brown tropicals
        an' polar chillyuns
    ain that yr cockier n bullier circumstance
    ain that yr mythical marquee hero lit large

pertinent: vogue moon
    tackin through clouds f premises
        encroachin on tommerrymore
    take carneyvalley oath
        she z promissory notes
        she z enigmas n variations

    moon z yr snakeyes n black deuces
    moon z yr nomadic wild card turns up trumps
    moon z yr non sequitur steamed-up kettle
        squanders desprational particles
            in marry! hail-fellow-well-met
                tossed n caught kisses

dynasty sun z potable wine till sour grapes tipple-topple
moon z altar ego till eyebawlinful heads nod in succession

lookit sun
    yr goldenager touts seniority plus
    yr flagrant imaginable felo de se holycost

lookit moon
    femme fatale
        reflects upon yr boot'illfull headstones

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