Monday, June 18, 2007

After seeing the film, "Patton"

fter seeing the film "patton"

to patton,
yes    i don't have a patent
on survival    though i do have my ifs and buts
about blood and guts
and i hate your megalomania
so you and i could never belong
in the same neighbourhood
still    are you less sane than me    who see
providence squatting like a watchdog
behind every tree?
who cares whether my surrealistic fantasies
square with yours?
i quiver like a bee
robbing the flower    getting drunk
on droplets of honey
while you swear and stamp and tear up the earth
like a bull let loose    destroying our roots
who's to choose between us?    while obeying our own rules
we both preserve by accidental means
ask any sidewalk lawyer or politician    he'll judge
i don't know how
we'll conscientiously refuse to budge from these extremes
justifying our temperamental stance by force of personality
while men and women lean    cling    hold tightly together
longing    loving        hoping to understand
anarchist and nihilist alike insist
they've been appointed bloody saviours of the world
am i a mad inaugurator heralding the new
and you a deluded crusader demolishing the old?


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