Wednesday, May 9, 2007

In the mean time

n the mean time
    digging the too-little lean time
squandering misgivings
    between breakfast     bed and     berth in earth
let me be chaste of temper
    sic fidelis senex
scornful sufficiency of latin text
    let gone-bys be bygones
death being what it is or ain't
    absence entire
i pronounce a propós demi-urge
    half of providence
ever with property upright in mind and stature
    in midst of baleful indignities
may i relinquish this state of blessed quiet and unrest
    consummate resignation
before consigned to follow those gone before
    sinking irretrievably     bar memory
to deteriorate as any flower or bug or rainsquall
    cycling through this grace
devoid of warrant     majestic as birth
    rumination no travail
dispensing with great question
    what    who    how     bye and bye
laughable    if we could laugh or cry


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