Monday, May 21, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part X

lley lullaby lady

    wearied child
lies at feet
shy alleyway lady
unshouldering load
makes heart weep
    tears like petals fall
astrew on road
stars their loyal watch
brightly will keep
    shy 'f hullabaloo lady
mend in sleep

    prose hymn to alley yeahway

out of otherwhen came forth exultation ...
out of seminal egg came forth hatchling
out of cheeping chick came forth clucking hen
out of cackling hen came forth cocksure rooster
out of coxcomb rooster came forth flibbertigibbet hen
out of begats came forth lame egg rolling
out of lamentation came forth ugly duckling
out of puddling duck came forth swaddling cygnet
out of waddling cygnet came forth elegant swan
out of elegiac swansong came forth rapture
out of otherwhen came forth exultation ...


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