Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part VIII

ishful gulls
    n deliberate bees
serial kicks by foetuses
    n bolivar-revolutionary waves
fistful 'f teat babies
    n ingratiatin disease
    we walk in carrion
alleylewdyeahway born
    toeholding on wastage
tuppenny blood n thunder degradations
    bred of these splendours

take carnal oath
    lend ears curses
    fist nose bloody
    bullybruise eyes black

sully me none with shibboleth
    yr teasy-pleasy hairshirts
    yr pins n needles
        'f hot-to-trot confessions
    yr journal distempered chatter
        roundelay 'f likeably bad news

disregard contretemps
    we z miscreants
    whilst heaven calls roll up yonder
        snakeeyes rubs bones to stop run
    pray motherhood may belly-up to womb
        lest foetus wants out before travail

    yr wholesale disaster
    yr lethal puckerlips kiss by judas
    yr cracks in kingdome come
        are yr worldz phantom contractions
        n gestation period
    princely vulcanic joke

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