Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part IX

    your true-blue believers
        resent nice exception
    prove lookalikes
        most hate least distortion
    funfair mirrors    fake capital horror

        caught redhanded
        pushing consorted angels off pinhead
    snakeeyes shakes in belly-laughter

take yr tatter f fact tramp gadfly
    yr commoner phenomenon
        waistcoat f stale fish n chip wrappers
            recyclin otiose newspaper
                promises n misgivins
    sleeps raggedy-ann under bridge
    builds cardboard palaces
        against witless hardihood
    walks á propos cloud f otherz apprehensions
    falls short
        has shortest fall
    heroes most dare
        invite most tumbledown
    unalike yr jack n jill
        booby hale fellow who cant hold water
    or yr double fiddle di dee scaredy crows
    or yr cracked egghead     aitch dee
        served up
            scrambled on toast
                for royal breakfast

alleyby sez
    who'z     squeaky clean
        no hazard dares
        shushes discomfort
        brooks no mean
    no wonder Christopher Robin
        without evil intent
        caught in middle
        dittoes his prayers

godz lucky chillun got eyes in head
    godz plucky chillun bite tongue
    some digs orizons fer breakfast
    some ill-defined get swung
    some fly bold
    some sail high
    some z lack o'pinioned
    some hide in closet from wind

tadz alleybylaw sez:
    'll gurgeon m'seln on fish    man
        like yer whale r salmon    m'lady
    coddle m'seln till'm full    ma'am
    do no harm to any but'n m' prey    sir
    ancient under oversee ritual bellyflung
        slaughter n prayer    m'dear
    tastes sweet to some
        to some dour
    albeit to lookers-on
    ain we bullygods b' rights    humble gentle person!

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