Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wind doth blow

ind doth blow
whate'er direction
it inclines
wind's abode
as weathercocks show
is where it's from
taking no mind
what flags suppose

portentous curse
or mercy's hope
by humbug spread
or rumour''s mill
each condition
born of hazard
with no more malfeasance
than the zephyr
whose prattling kiss
is favour shown
or menace mean
in froward storm

as wind so bloweth
lot that falls
is not duress
nor prophecy
beyond a guess

truth upon logic
verily turns
bound to where
no eyes descry
the world is all
and less than all
till action suits
or falling short
finds wisdom
with a glance behind

in now
our comfort or distress
is proved
when power within
moves force without
this moment tells
what comes about


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