Friday, March 2, 2007

Hey, man

Poems from the 1970s

Hey man
    i mean
if not sex
    then what ingenious abracadabra
unlocks the door of fortune's favour
    ambition's hope of future good
and we should never try religion
    work gets harder and harder
rewards come scarcer with lotteries
    so what fluky forte do i possess
that can achieve my bettering

    well . . . i guess sex
what else to trust
    but wanton bawdy lust
legs    thighs    warm breasts    and the rest
-- you can forget the rest     i'm in a hurry --
oohs and delighted sighs
    groans and upturned eyes . . .
    relax     you've made it
in a world that's a great negation
    (full of worry)

    now i'm afraid it's all over
crawl off her     asking the question
    if not sex     then what's left
i don't know
    sonofabitch     what a fiasco!

early 70s, rev. mmvii

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