Saturday, March 17, 2007

Do you know how many centuries

o you know how many centuries
    humankind has struggled to futurity
    for this imbroglio
have we fought the dinosaurs
    survived wars
    of conquest or roses
    or supporters of ideas
    hellbent on the betterment of others
to issue in a sleek blue
    suit or car or mood
jazzing it up
    without a cup to offer in libation to the gods
    or in celebration of that splendid equation
    our sister- or brother-in-us
or to hymn the juggernaut that notices
    each weak little ball of fluff
    in eggshell daintiness of condition
whilst we with armoured boots
    have trod the boards in passion
    trampling underfoot our qualms
    pook-poohing the alarms
    despite the cost
    to nature and the commmonweal
marching with the hordes or the latest fashions
    to wheel-and-deal an amnesty from fate
    which will call presently:
    'kiss me kate!'

197_ , rev. mm

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