Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part VII

odz chillun got feet
        can choose
        even if godz chillun
        aint got shoes
    hammered thumbz expletive shout
        shatters natal assumptionz dearth f doubt
    where certainty meets nexus up
        threatening status quotas
        plushcan-o-crats sit on restive movements
        defyin alleloo lawz worshipful excremental duty

sully me none
            with yeahwayz initials
        supplicantz apostrophe n apochryphal spout
    alladinz lamp dont pour
        quick buff works miracles f genial light
    wicked snakeeyes stays mumchance
        strolling down storyroad finicky heroes abandon

    where upright n orizontal assemble
        there hunkers three-limbed animal
        knotted before pelagian excursion

    dreadful crux is
            what z wisdom

Tad wonders
    wisdom z less-simple made plain, ain it
        not to multiply ignorance
    take good n bad
        polar opposites
    which iz antipodes
        depends whether view from pulpit or pew
        what to believe
    horsez mouth r horsez arse
        both iz equinoxious
    elision f virtues non pareil to non plus

Tad wonders
    readin providential palm
        crossed with silver
    like visage lined for laughter n care
        wearin veil
    bought to nod

imagine great screechin glass bowl f dome
    give me your huddled masses
        turntabled into proper howligans
    pristine maidens
        garden-grown in row
    cavort on artificial grass
        plump behinds
        becomin bosoms
        persecutionz witnesses
    striped umpire sets foxes on run
        hounds in pack pursue
    ballthrowin solution to salvation
    TV hall f fame passes
        modified coups de grace
        attenuated doses f harm by gridiron

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