Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alley Loo Yeah Chorus, Part VI

torm flaunts big innings
    comes to terms with commoner front
    swollen colon vents anarchic fart
    aplomb settles on virtual stool
        negating momentum
    pendulum swings alley oop to hail mary
    tadz hung-up exemplar
        providentially stalled en route to pandemonium

    frugal aint hairshirt
    exhilaration aint prodigal
    ice warms up to fluid
    lets off steam without losing composure
        in free state
    yr model     ebb n tide alley hoopla
        or vices versa

carnivalley pitch
    cry up yr bigtop gala n fete
        strawberry tea to follow
    galaxy z newfun coney island
    arcade f follies n spoils ultraglobetheatre
come see comme ça simulacrum f what y dare

    galaxy z untethered cow
        pluckin lazily on tongue-length grasses
        danglin new-fangled tits f'r breakfast
    galaxy z coded missal f orizons thrown
        hail mary parabolayeah across blue yonder basilica
    galaxy z astronomers rubberneckin
        cadaverz freak oversize orifice with speculum

carnivalley sirens call
        yo ho heave ho
        m' tads n bullyboyz
        row milky main
        beat across bar
        graspin telescope nelson-wise
        ridin rods upstairs
            on backs f curiouser bods

alley chorus sighs
    stars z us'n prison shroud r caul

jeremymad replies
    stars z immaculate bowery
        n we z unteaseled weedy mockery f eden

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